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Self Abuse Treatment

Self Abuse Treatment

There are two types of treatment options available for self abuse patients. These are:

Outpatient Therapy – This is for less severe patients. Usually involves partial 6 to 12 hour a day therapy with experience therapists.

Inpatient Therapy – This is for more severe patients whose behaviors are interfering with their daily living, such as employment, school and relationship, and or are health or life threatening. They require hospitalization in specialized self injury units where treatment is lead by experienced staff and therapists.

The most effective form of treatment for self abuse is often with a combination of:

  • Medication – useful in management for depression, anxiety, obsessive-compulsive behaviors that are often present in the minds and thoughts of self abuse patients.
  • Cognitive/behavioral therapy – this involves contracts, journals, and behavioral logs which then become useful tools for patients to regain self-control and understanding.
  • Interpersonal therapy – this helps patients to gain insights and skills for the development and maintenance of relationships, and also helps individuals to gain better understanding of their destructive thoughts and behaviors.
  • Other supplemented treatment services (only when required) - depending on the patient's needs, other treatment services such as eating disorders, alcohol/substance abuse, trauma abuse, and family therapy are readily available and integrated into their treatment as required.

The effectiveness of treatment will depend on the seriousness of the patient's illness and how well he/she response to therapy and medication given.

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